We are so excited to announce that Hayley, Head of Matis Uk training is coming in to offer an afternoon of massages,on Thursday 19th July.

I promise you this woman is absolutely amazing at massage and her massages have to be felt to be believed. 
You have three options available to choose from

Back massage
Back exfoliation and massage. 
Leg scrub and application of correct aftercare. 

These appointments are £20 each and the £20 is  redeemable against any two products. 
Appointments available are
Please book quickly to avoid disappointment. 

Rosacea Treatment. 

We are looking for four people who suffer with rosacea to be case studies for us for a new treatment. 

Each client will need to commit to six weekly treatments for 20 minutes each. These will be £12 per treatment. You must pay half up front. 
You will need to purchase 3 homeware products at £101.95 at the start of the treatments. 

After recent training with Dr. Des Fernandes (Environ Founder) he has had a 100% success rate with people completely getting rid of the rosacea. 

Please email caroline@bloominbeautiful.co.uk or call us to book for a consultation and check your suitability. 


to our wonderful Keri
who has just completed her HD Brows training. 

We have trained Keri to help cope with demand.

We have ten appointments available at the introductory price of £20. This is only available on a first come first served basis.
Keri will then be at £30.00
HD brows is a 7 step eyebrow shaping treatment that focuses on shape and design. It involves a combination of techniques, including  tinting, waxing and threading using specialist HD Brow products. 

eye image environ.jpg

Environ Skin Scan day. 

I know we have all been ranting on about Environ and vitamin A since our visit to Dr Des in Bristol, but he is a truly inspirational man, he is the founder of Environ and he began the range as he had two very young clients die of skin cancer at an early age and he wanted to find a product that wasn't just about smelling or feeling good, but it was about helping everyone and repair the damage actually being done everyday. 

On the day we were shown the above image of a lady who began using Environ in her fifties, and has continued. I don't think I needed to say anything more than what this photo tells you. But I will say Dr Des believes he is one of the only skincare ranges that can provide photographic evidence on the same client spanning thirty years. 
If you would like to find out more about Environ or you are a current user and what to see how your skin is progressing, please book a session on Tuesday 21st August with Anisa for a skin scan.

These appointments are completely complimentary but we do ask for a £20 refundable booking fee. 
Join the vitamin A revolution!



We have finally done our Dermaplaning and so excited and ready to get going!
This is a highly skilled exfoliation of the dead cells and  it will also remove any vellus hair the skin is left brightened, vibrant and more receptive to your products. with your make up looking fresher and smoother.
Vellus hair can trap dirt and oil causing breakouts.
Treatments should be done no closer than four weeks. 
This treatment is £65.00
 We do recommend you have a Dermalux after to increase the benefits and glow to the skin. As a combined treatment £85.

dermaplaning 1.JPG
dermaplaning 2 .JPG