Endermologie for cellulite.
 Ruby, Tanisha and  Summer are all training in our Endermologie treatments for helping to get rid of that stubborn cellulite and helping to shape and smooth areas of the body where exercise just won't hit, or that latest cream isn't smoothing or age is just beginning to defy, or maybe that Mummy tummy just needs a bit of help. We are offering course of 5 treatments for just £75, these must be used as a course of a minimum of one a week, although two treatments per week for seven weeks will give you maximum results.

Endo is a non invasive technique and is so good, it has approval from the American FDA.  Its uses rollers that feel like a deep massage over the areas of concerns.

You do need a body suit prior to treatment that is £28 and must be bought with you to each treatment.

Lash lifts with Dolly.
We would like to welcome Dolly to join our team BB. Dolly has joined us a lash technician and she specialises in Lash extensions and lash lifting as well as being a make up artist!
To welcome Dolly, we will be offering two days of lash lifting at 50% off. These will be Sat 9th and Weds 20th Sept. 
A skin test must be carried out  24 hours before we can undergo treatment. 

 IPL permanent hair reduction for your underarms.
 5 for £100

This is an amazing offer and will allow you to have stubble free underarms by next spring. We are offering you five treatments on your underarms for just £100, this would normally be £390. The results from just 5 treatments will be brilliant especially if you shave everyday or suffer with 6 O'clock shadow!
If you currently wax this is only slightly more expensive than your wax and will give you much more manageable results.
To find out if your are suitable you do need a consultation which is complimentary if you then wish to go ahead we need to a do a patch test which is normally £20 and will just be £10 this month.  


Zoe welcome to BB
Zoe as recently joined us as a visiting expert for male intimate waxing. We are very lucky to have Zoe and her skills as she travels all the way from Reading. Zoe is a trainer and has over ten years experience in male waxing. Due to the distance she is travelling we will in future be requesting a booking fee, redeemable against treatment or if cancelled with 48 hours notice. 
Please Speak to our reception team for more info.